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For Immediate Press Release

January 25, 2016




Shadow Masters Entertainment


Shadow Masters Entertainment, LLC is a Non-For-Profit Organization whose aim is to
impact at risk youth and young adults by tapping into their potential through the areas
of the creative arts, while utilizing today’s current technological advances. By providing these at risk youth with a positive atmosphere that assist by providing sound and
structured mentoring, leadership development; technical training in the areas of audio
and video production, writing and stage presentation. While also focusing on nurturing the whole person through, spiritual teaching and emotional development. Shadow Masters Entertainment mentoring program believes that we can both reach and heal many areas
of these young men and women’s lives by focusing on developing their creative abilities.


Shadow Masters Entertainment, LLC provides a variety of services from video production, song writing
sessions, audio production and engineering, graphic and web design, artist management,
motivational speaking and ministry engagements. We look forward to working with
you soon, thanks from the staff of Shadow Masters Entertainment LLC.  






















Shadow Masters Entertainment LLC              Chicago, Il. (773)700-1031     




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